Brunei Blogger May Cho, Model, The Mayden, Editorial
The sky was empty when she roused from slumber, a wilderness left barren by the stars that fell as her soul had been resting. She is a body of foreign vessels, blood the streams of nebular cells, heart the jewel in her intergalactic anatomy.

She had plunged, with the universe above her, into an abyss of vision where dreams have been exiled for fantastical reasons but have risen to every constellation etched on her skin. They breathe to the rhythm of the hum of the moon, a quiver in their breaths as human air kisses their host, a touch not of affection but of hostility -- one that threatens the extraneous inconnue.


Brunei Blogger May Cho, Model, The Mayden, Editorial, Muiz Zamri, Lily Harith
Brunei Blogger May Cho, Model, The Mayden, Editorial, Muiz Zamri, Lily Harith
Brunei Blogger May Cho, Model, The Mayden, Editorial, Muiz Zamri, Lily Harith
Brunei Blogger May Cho, Model, The Mayden, Editorial, Muiz Zamri, Lily Harith
Brunei Blogger May Cho, Model, The Mayden, Editorial, Muiz Zamri, Lily Harith
It was a Saturday afternoon when this shoot was called into session, an impromptu meetup arranged less than twenty four hours prior. With words, variations of "dark and vampy" against "color popping," thrown about over pixelated signals at three-quarters past midnight being one of the sources that contributed to the tremendous nervousness rattling through my bones, I arrived on set the next day not knowing what to expect.

I had a bag stuffed to the brim with various black pieces that I had hoped adhered to the request of bringing a dark vampy outfit and only realized belatedly, as I sat discussing with Lily and Rebecca their ventures into the world of avant garde photoshoots, that the nodes in my brain had immediately connected "dark" with "grunge," and that I had effectively brought an outfit more so fitting a rebellious runaway schoolgirl than a chic and sophisticated vampire. Rebecca, who I found out later is only at a young age of sixteen, on the other hand had brought a beautiful wine-coloured dress, an irrefutable graceful nod to the instructions dispersed earlier. 

Chatting away while Muiz worked on Rebecca's makeup, an abridged version of a hobby turned passion was recounted by the shoot's 18 year old photographer who had spent the last couple of years refining her skills through portraiture shoots with friends and ultimately freelancing around town. 

I was delighted and surprised when she revealed her enthusiasm for marine biology and rejoiced at the fact that the idea of sciencey people venturing into the creative scene is being personified in people within my vicinity. It had so often been thought by the people around me that the worlds of science and art are mutually exclusive, that an alienation of one field is required for the thriving in the other, and it had distressed me greatly in the past to explain both my passion for Computer Science and the English Language (music, in other scenarios) to curious relatives who fathomed not an intersection of both worlds at a junction that can be crossed if one were to build a bridge connecting both curbs.

As both Rebecca and I sat in front of a set comprising of fairy lights and hand-made tassels, Lily darted about in all directions, not sparing a single soft box an opportunity to move along with her, for the next five hours taking shot after shot of the series she later christened Neon Dreams. Gold glitter on Rebecca and turquoise brown on me, Muiz, whom I had met for the first time that day, had done a spectacular job turning the both of us into subjects of an avant garde editorial. 

I chuckled inwardly with amusement as, at one point during hair and makeup, I was declared a simulation of a Bratz doll, "She looks like Jade!"

There were two makeup looks created that day, with the first being this one. The second, dubbed the Mermaid Edition, will be featured the following week. In the mean time, show the talented creatives involved in this some love at their social links below, and don't forget to tell them that The Mayden sent you!


What are your thoughts on the science and art world intersecting?




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