THE MAYDEN is a creative and experimental space that features the writings of a 19-year-old hopeless romantic in search of stories to tell and lives to collect.

Portrait of Brunei Blogger and Writer May Cho
Portrait of Brunei Blogger and Writer May ChoPortrait of Brunei Blogger and Writer May Cho
About The Mayden

Curated by May Cho, The Mayden is a space where she takes a creative and experimental approach to storytelling. 

Cared for by someone with an eternal love affair with words and the English Language, the namesake of the blog is a pun on the word 'maiden,' so often defined as:

          1 n. a young woman
          2 adj. being or involving the first attempt or act of its kind (ie "the maiden voyage")

; both of which are accurate representations of both the blog and the writer who bears the name -- May -- so fitting for this play on word to happen: a young woman embarking on the nerve-wrecking yet exciting first run of a blog she has crafted over time.



  1. I discovered your blog thanks to the comment you left me, and I'm so glad you did. Your blog and the way you write inspire me a lot. Thank you!
    Margaux ∙ www.bonjourwhite.com

  2. Girl, You are one of a kind.
    I love the way you just share your words, like a delicate whisper to the wind. It is soulful and incredibly genuine.
    May you continue to shine your light.
    So glad to meet such a beautiful like you.
    Love from France.


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