Love Letter 01: Dear Theatre

UBD Performing Arts Club | Red Umbrella, 2017, Rehearsals
UBD Performing Arts Club | Red Umbrella, 2017
Dear Theatre,

I am terribly nervous and there is a ruckus in my chest but I think that it is time I tell you something.

I am writing this to you after the wonderful night we spent together in that hall with air-conditioning turned up a notch too high and lights that never seem to be wired properly, where you had come up to me with your billowy arms and wrapped me tight in your embrace. I am writing this to you after a year of knowing you, and oh, how sweet it has been to know you.

I do not know when I fell in love with you, but I am.

Monthly Merits: February 2017

A Flatlay by Brunei Blogger May Cho of The Mayden

Monthly Merits is a monthly series where I recount and award the month's worthiest moments in merits. Read last month's merits here.

There never was any good in comparing something to another should it leave a person perplexed in the wrath of insecurity and despair. I cannot help as I type this, however, to put together the pieces of a year old month I have quickly torn apart and place it beside the February I have just had. The difference is striking; misery has become a toxic lover sent out on her knees.

I thank my lucky stars for a February filled with work, more work and even more work. Better a month of breathless smiles than one of idle cries. Here are this month's merits.

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