Rivers and Fishes

Brunei Blogger May Cho of The Mayden and Shi Min of discofissh | Kampung Ayer, Golden Hour Brunei Blogger Shi Min of discofissh | Kampung Ayer, Golden Hour, The Mayden
The sun hung low in the sky as Min and I made our way across town to the capital. This was the reunion of two friends which saw the unfolding of a trip -- possibly their last -- to the water village on a Friday afternoon.

In true May and Min fashion, we took every chance we got to take silly snaps during rush hour traffic, ugly-dance to The Jackson Five and shout to Bobby McFerrin. At one point, we spent minutes recovering from fits of laughter as a neighboring driver gawked incredulously at our ferocious head bangs and violent gesticulations during a turning junction. Our dancing and singing didn't stop until the car was parked, the doors locked and our feet hit solid ground.

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