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It was a few weeks ago when these shots were taken, an eight hour long day of walking around town and finding good spots (one part of our location scout and shoot was the bridge silhouette posted a few weeks ago) to entering a playground in the evening, one's attempt at night photography that didn't quite go so well, but was an interesting experience nonetheless.


Brunei Blogger May Cho at #thebig10 Music Festival, Bohemian Grunge

Hailed as the first music festival to hit the land of Brunei, organized by The Collective Arts and Big Borneo in honour of the latter's 10th anniversary, #thebig10festival was easily the most anticipated event for the Abode's dwellers who, when Coachella season comes along, will tweet exasperatedly at the event's heartbreaking distance.

No more, though, for the 8 hour long music festival housing over 50 local creative businesses and 8 live music acts for an entire Sunday afternoon has heard our desperate calls. 

And obvious festival fashion unfamiliarity. 

Young Blood

I am young.

Said like that, it is a matter of fact, but ever since I blew out thirteen candles five years ago, I have forgotten how to be young. 

"There is a monster," they used to tell me, "there is a monster at the end of -teen, the end of school, the end of youth. There is a monster, so do not let one second slip by your plan of action. There is a monster, be wise, prepare yourself so you do not die."

I heeded their advice like a soldier preparing for war, but as I welded armors and shields and helmets made of stone, I found an emptiness in their instruction. They had not told me that I'd die of hunger and thirst and fatigue first.

So let us not go fighting dragons and spilling young blood, I would tell them if I could, not yet.

Gray x Romwe

Brunei Blogger May Cho

If style were a knight and comfort were a warrior, rivals in a civil war, their battle would be the never ending turmoil that I bear witness to. Being one whose feet platform heels cling to, it would only be the honest truth if I declare myself one whose sartorial preference swings towards "style" leaving the other end of the spectrum rather barren and abandoned.

There are days, however, when exhaustion sets in, procrastination docks and all thoughts about constructing an aesthetically pleasing outfit jump off the ship. These are days where my perpetual love for shades of grays and blacks and whites get to bail me out. Who says that darkness don't make good lovers?

I digress.

Rack & Brew

black gothic sporty choies knee highs otk platform boots
rack and brew & brunei gadong lifestyle cafe boutique

As coffee and clothes gain notoriety in town, RACK & BREW gets the best of both world by combining the two in the form of a two-storey local boutique café.

I embark on my second lifestyle adventure (read the first one here) with three old friends in the form of a High School Reunion, complete with good food and gossip, though I have to admit that three years of broken contact had me jumping with nervousness as I made my way towards Gadong, the district where the café is located.

But I needn't have worried because old flames never die; we hit it off like pebbles and friction, the familiar spark of high school spirits leading the conversation we had over the Western cuisine we opted for at Rack & Brew.

The Ripped Rose

shorts halter top rose distressed denim platform boots choies cardigan blogger fbloggers

There come times during the naming of outfit posts where I am knocked back ungracefully by the epiphanic ideas that trail swiftly behind. A halter top layered in chiffoned elegance and patterned with blue roses tucked into a pair of distressed denim shorts that made for an interesting combination for which I promptly deemed with excitement 'The Ripped Rose' is no exception.

Presently, as I sit pondering, my teeth chewing the petals of blue and lips destroying the succulent drops of nectar, I wonder how even the sweetest things in life can be tainted and torn.


A month ago, I bought a new camera.

Three weeks ago, I switched to a professionally-designed blog template. 

Two weeks ago, I re-wrote my About page. 

Two days ago, I changed all my social media handles to @themayden. 

Yesterday, I registered a domain name. 

Today, I am The Mayden.

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