Visual Anatomy: Prologue

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"What do I do?" I ask.

My fingers are shaking in the cold, dark room that smells like popcorn and blessings on Saturday evenings. The screen had been flashing pieces of an angst-ridden journal a while ago but the words -- 'always' and 'scars' and 'broken' -- did not seem to speak as they usually do on teary dawns and restless dusks. They used to shout at me, their rough consonants howling in my dreams. But tonight, they are reserved. Quiet.

"Just pull up images. Any image," she replies.

Brunei Blogger May Cho of The Mayden and Min of Discofissh | Projector Photography, Visual, Creative, Girl Power, Feminism, tumblr
The problem with pulling up just any image is that the goal to achieve something will be lost. I will be shooting arrows into the clouds hoping that if enough go through, light will come pouring down. It is blind indolence, a resort for the exasperated and the idealistic. I decide to forget that clouds cannot be broken, anyway, and do as she tells me. We are tired and short on time as it is.

I type words into a search bar. We take photos. I go home, look through the images and see myself naked in them. Not the unclothed, disrobed kind of naked, though I admit I was pretty close, but a kind of naked that exposes my being -- my personality, for the lack of a prettier word.

What I had not realize was that with pulling up just any image, the arrow that I had shot, sifting through clouds, had strung together stars that made up a constellation. My constellation. A constellation that, when connected, resembles the anatomy of a clumsy five foot six hopeless romantic in search of stories to tell and lives to collect.

What it is

Visual Anatomy is a bird's eye view of my inner workings, a pixelated spilling of my guts and thoughts spread out into a trilogy. It is my vitality splattered across visuals, distilled.

I will be put up for scrutiny -- a metaphorical sort of scrutiny -- but I will also be assuming the role of storyteller, waxing poetic the baby hairs on my shedding hairline, the bald spots, the dry patches. In short, I will break apart and you will get to choose whether my jagged edges are worth holding onto.


Three posts across three Fridays. I'm hoping to break the series with other posts in between, but my track record is rather dubious at this point. I will not make any guarantees, but I will try my best. The first part of the trilogy will be up on the 16th.

The Goal

This will be a stray from what The Mayden has frequented since its inception. But then again, I have always had an affinity for the unorthodox.

This series will gear towards the direction of a path I'm treading rather comfortably on, a sort of experimentally creative approach to story telling and/or showcasing style. This is undoubtedly a shift from my older, more conventional outfit posts, but the sands of time trickle on, and so do I. My fingers are crossed for a transition into more creative content here on the blog and a prouder, more satisfying quench of my writing thirst.

The photos featured in this prologue are some of the outtakes from the original concept. An inkling into what you will see across the trilogy, if you will. There will be words to read, anecdotes to live, but also concepts to see, so I hope you will be holding on for the ride. See you on the 16th!

Huge thanks to Min of for taking all the photos that will be featured in this series.



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