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November means no sleep, no rest and lots of stress. This year's November has been a little kinder to me, though, the product of vigorous support-system building and preparation months ahead, I'm sure. I got my fair share of Stressed Uni Student Syndrome, but I was still able to enjoy the month, what with events here and there.

I made it out of November alive, sanity still intact and am ready to share this month's merits.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Examinations took up a huge chunk of my November, what with sleepless nights and restless days, stressed out study groups and frequent caffeine runs. It was pure joy when I had my last paper. A friend and I had walked out of the examination hall to skies that looked considerably bluer than it had for the past month after our final paper.

"May, do you smell that?" he'd asked. He wore the hugest grin despite the bags under his eyes and excessive caffeine in his system. 

I knew what was coming, but I played along, uttering a confused, "What?"

"That's the smell of freedom," he said, and we walked into the afternoon sun, spines a little straighter, breaths a little easier.

The day November ended was also the day I finished my first year of university. The two semesters I had were jarringly different -- in the most poetic, most profoundly necessary way.

The first semester saw me in my comfort zone for the most part. Tried as I might to engage in campus activities and exit my shell, I was a hermit slave to the cushion of safety. Come the second semester, though, and I'd enrolled myself in a drama class, joined two clubs and two theatre productions, made about a million more friends than I have in my entire life and actually genuinely enjoyed campus life.

It's been interesting, the first year of university.

Brunei Blogger May Cho with Siddiqah Rosli, B:Reads, BBB and Muiz Bakar for the premier of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them | Harry Potter, Wizarding World, FantasticBeastsBWN
Brunei Style Blogger May Cho | Harry Potter, Wizarding World, dress-up
Being a huge Potterhead, the premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was perhaps the highlight of my month. Teaming up with several local public figures, namely Siddiqah Rosli, Muiz Bakar, Bruneians Read and Books Beyond Brunei, we organized an pre-event for Potterheads before the evening premiere of the film, inviting attendees to dress up as their favourite Harry Potter characters. I was granted permission to go ham with marketing as the post-production editor of our photoshoot. Cue squeals.

We planned the event a week and a half before the event and predicted a small group of 15 people attending, but Potterheads blew the socks off our feet when nearly 80 of them arrived, dressed up as Hogwarts Students. Even Voldemort and Dumbledore attended the event!

It was an absolutely magical experience, and I wouldn't have wanted my first organized public event to be with anyone else or to be about anything else. Also, the movie was fantastic, but let's leave this for another day -- or for the comments section, ha!

I shot with local brand XOIA this month again for their S/S '17 collection.

It's been rather interesting having people randomly text me up asking whether the person in their Instagram ads is me. While I vehemently deter -- and I mean vehemently deter -- the term "model," feeling (very, very strongly) that it is a term I do not deserve and do not identify with, I know what I have been doing is, in fact, modelling. Perhaps, in time, the term will slowly become one I'm comfortable with, but for now, I'll call myself a girl who just happen to do photoshoots.

Brunei Blogger May Cho for XOIA Brunei
So that was my November. Busier than the average university student's, but still manageable. December is upon us, though, and I'm embracing the holidays with open arms. I'm planning on catching up with the films and books I've been dying to immerse in, and upping the content here on The Mayden. There are a few projects planned out, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

But if there's anything I've learned for the past three months, it's that I've been enjoying life. Immensely. So we'll see where that takes me.

How was your November? What are your plans for December?


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