Monthly Merits: September

Brunei Style Blogger and Haus von Jimmy R Brand Ambassador May Cho at Big Bwn Street Fest
September was the salvation of a bone-dry pen whose ink had spilled a cathartic void of tangled screams. September saw the pen tamed to write once more, and here it is, finally -- ready to speak.

It's been all about keeping myself busy, busy, busy for the past two months, and though I believe I have succeeded, I think have also over-tired myself. I over-estimated the amount of work I thought I could handle. I suffer from the consequence with blue-black underneath my eyes, blood streams filled with caffeine and a war waged on my immune system.

There aren't much merits during the past two months, but I have been dabbling a lot into things I'd never have thought I'd have if not for a chain of events that lead me to a constant yearn to keep my hands fiddling and my mind occupied. It's been interesting, September, kind and quiet sister of August the tempest.

Brunei Style Blogger May Cho with Min of Discofissh and Phoebe Chok at the After Five Masquerade Night
Brunei Style Blogger May Cho with Min of Discofissh and Phoebe Chok at the After Five Masquerade Night
This is perhaps my favourite thing to have happened. I am fortunate to have people in my life that are willing to handle the sloppy, slobbering mess that I can be, and never was this fact more emphasized than in the past two months. Having been told that I am a closed-book even around good friends, August and September saw me flipping my pages open, the specks of dust that have settled a thin veil over me blanketing far and wide and out into the comfort of hugs and laughter.

With the start of a new semester, I ached to try something new. I was walking nonchalantly through a corridor on campus when I quickly saw that the Performing Arts Club were looking for recruits for a Disney-themed musical production.

Musical Theater has always been something I admired from afar because I have always been too afraid to participate on free will, only joining when getting dragged into one. Not this time, I decided, as I signed up as part of the crew. Fast forward two months and I've become one of the light technicians as well as musicians in the production.

brunei blogger musician violin guitar
Brunei Blogger May Cho Self-Help Lorrie Moore tumblr sweater books
Learning the guitar on my own was a more -- shall I say poetic decision, a psychologically numbing myself and physically reminding myself kind of poetic decision.

Ever since my brother moved abroad a couple years ago, there has always been a guitar lying around the house. Echoes of, "You should learn the guitar since you already know how to play a string instrument. It'll be easy!" rang as I stared at it when September rolled about.

"Lies!", I say now that I have been self-teaching myself for the past month. Calloused fingers, careless triggers. It's been a whole lot of fun, though, to fill my life up with more music and the thrill of learning something new.

This may come as a surprise, but I assure you that this is something entirely new for me. For the longest time, I have dwelled around prose and story telling, never poetry. So when I decided to empty my pen and to start writing again, I was surprised that my hands scribbled out words in the form of poetry. I've been scribbling and reading and learning more about the form of writing ever since.

Brunei Blogger May Cho with Arif Rafie and Malik Loopy | Style, goth, BTS, Behind the Scenes, grunge
Brunei Style Blogger May Cho with Min of Discofissh and Phoebe Chok
With the encouragement and accompaniment of a fellow blogger and good friend, Min of, the both of us have sought out in the past month to venture into more than just posing in front of cameras -- we wanted to be able to create narratives from photographs as well. To achieve this, we have been attending little workshops here and there held by some of the finest photographers in the country as well as helping each other out with blog photography.

Blogging has been a sort of roller coaster ride for me as I have decided to prioritize life over an internet persona, but of the two posts I have put out in the past two months, I'm pretty darn proud of both of them. The first one was an Alternate Venture with Arif Rafie and the second, a post on individuality and empowerment with two of my favourite people, Min and Phoebe Chok.

As of now, I am not sure how the content on The Mayden will fair, but I know I will definitely be prioritizing life at the moment. With that said, however, I do have several exciting posts planned for the blog, so do stay tuned!

Brunei Style Blogger May Cho, 80s diner, colourful, vintage, Stranger Things Inspired, Izzy Osman
So that was my August and September (I missed out August's Merits). I am currently being crushed under the weight of academic and co-curricular work, but I'm not complaining -- I love the feeling of being busy. I anticipate the next two months to be much of the same since that is the time events and exams will be taking place.

I'm a little bit stressed out, a little bit worn out, but still pretty hyped up for things to happen. Let's go, October.

How was your September?

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