One Year of The Mayden

This post was initially scheduled to be published on the 19th of April when The Mayden officially turned one, but circumstances halted the process. So here I am a month late but publishing this post that was written in April for The Mayden's first anniversary.

Brunei Blogger May Cho
You. Thank you.

The first post I published under the persona of The Mayden dates 19th April 2015, an adorable effort complete with phone-taken photos alongside tiny kittens and a three sentence long post I once regarded as blogging. The latest post I published is a 700-word reflection piece on eclecticism and subjectivity, subject matters I expedited in the form of a narrative accompanied by style photos -- exactly the kind of content The Mayden is known for now.

A year has gone and, in just a year, The Mayden has evolved from a horrific girl-next-door effort into a creative space I foster my love for the English Language and sartorial affairs in without shame. Pride wells up in me as I look back at the transformation of this blog.

One year, The Mayden, but my oh my, you've grown.

Brunei Blogger May Cho
Brunei Blogger May Cho
Things began bland and boring during my first two months of blogging. Generic "What I did today" posts accompanied outfit photos. It was nothing I was proud of and absolutely hated what direction The Mayden was heading to. And then I wrote Reflections; the very first reflection post on this space.

Blue Blood was my first interview series. Extremely fortunate to have the most supporting group of stylish friends ever, I featured a lady and a story a week. Jennifer was unapologetic, Shian Li full of determination and Eden a fearless dreamer. I told stories of people for the first time and Blue Blood became the first domino tipped over.

I Destroy was next, a 900 word piece that featured the very first spillings of my fictionalized reality. Admittedly not a very good piece of prose, the enamor of metaphor, though, served as a harbinger for the kind posts The Mayden would write in the future.

Brunei Blogger May Cho
I began constructing my arsenal of literary weaponry when I wrote Clean, Crisp and Comfy. Filled with rhythmic twinges, alliteration and repeated lists of threes, I believe it was then that I began to find the signature to my writing. Never grounded, always dramatic. Never staccato, always a long, drawn out string of carefully curated words.

Then I branched out. I started working with people I have never met in the flesh but of whom I have seen online. Locally bred Wearrior Instinct was the first style blog I collaborated with, one that I considered an achievement and a milestone at the same time. I then met Phoebe Chok, the most adorable person I have ever come across but the fiercest model the country has to offer, and I got to tell her story. I then added "lifestyle" into The Mayden's categories by writing my first cafe experience at one of the first few lifestyle cafes in town, Ner | Dee Cafe.

And then I got a domain and cemented The Mayden's lifeline on the internet -- at least for now. And now, with an array of posts I can look back on to track my progress, I am so, so, so proud to say that one year of The Mayden has been absolutely wonderful.

Brunei Blogger May Cho
Blogging has brought an interesting change to my life. Once in a while, I get recognised on the streets of our little town, and once in a while, I get asked to do photoshoots. Once in a while, someone would compliment my style, and once in a while, someone would compliment my writing. Once in a while, I'd get to meet talented creators, and once in a while, I get to be one of them.

I have always viewed blogging as one of the ways I cope with my cooped up desire to be heard. What began as a throwaway effort silly little me decided to give a go at during a gap year has turned into an irrevocably -- and I struggled to choose this word -- vocal part of my life. Vocal because writing is now associated my persona, vocal because The Mayden has become an identity I get to take up and vocal because I now am confident enough to strut my stuff.

It's wonderful -- blogging -- and I don't think I'll ever regret the way it's changed me over the past year. I often wonder where I would be today had I not decided to take up blogging. Studying my guts out as a recluse who wishes she could put that guts into something else is my best bet, but here I am today.

The Mayden owes a lot to a lot of people -- photographers, collaborators and fellow bloggers -- but, most of all, The Mayden owes a lot to you, the reader. Without you, my words will be nothing but floating strings of letters, easily discarded, easily forgotten, and without you, The Mayden's voice could never have  possibly been heard over the rising crescendo of the blogging community, so thank you.

Thank you for one year of listening to my stories. Thank you for sticking by The Mayden even though you had every right not to. Thank you for one year of incredible growth and one year of blogging bliss.

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.



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