Brunei Blogger May Cho The Mayden

It was a few weeks ago when these shots were taken, an eight hour long day of walking around town and finding good spots (one part of our location scout and shoot was the bridge silhouette posted a few weeks ago) to entering a playground in the evening, one's attempt at night photography that didn't quite go so well, but was an interesting experience nonetheless.

Brunei Blogger May Cho The MaydenBrunei Blogger May Cho The Mayden

With the same person who shot one of my favourite posts last year, an enjoyable afternoon unfolded as credit card misadventures and the purchase of a brand new portrait lens gave us our fill of entertainment. We chased the sun as azure and violet cracked through the sky, talked about life and love as one with life experience would advise their younger, naive companion and lost ourselves on roads as two scatterbrained individuals, proclaiming Grace as our feet finally stepped on solid, familiar ground after an hour or two in a car.

As one who mingles with her peers more often than not, I found our dynamic -- a gap of more than a decade between us -- curiously wonderful. Perhaps it is the fact that we were both stems from the same roots despite flowering at different cycles that attributed to our seamless, effortless banters. Or perhaps it was the fact that our affinities for literature and film of similar genres that eased the conversational points that rose between us.

It was on the same day that he, a brilliant writer in his own capacity, complimented my writing which resulted in a tweet I spared not a second to post once I had a moment to get onto social media. It was an interesting feeling. Euphoric, almost, but in the sweetest, most empowering way; a feeling that spread straight from a pulse and nullified, in that moment, the self-doubt that plagues me like an eternal ice age.

Friends of diamonds dirtied among pebbles are the ones to keep when blades come sailing, and I'm glad to know I've got one to count on. Even if he's an oldie, but hey, oldies are goodies, right?

Do you have friends who aren't in your age vicinity? What's your dynamic like with them?



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