A month ago, I bought a new camera.

Three weeks ago, I switched to a professionally-designed blog template. 

Two weeks ago, I re-wrote my About page. 

Two days ago, I changed all my social media handles to @themayden. 

Yesterday, I registered a domain name. 

Today, I am The Mayden.

Perhaps this may seem a bit overblown to some, but this is a pretty incredible milestone for little 'ol me, who's always struggled with finding a voice in the real world.

Letting go of my old handle -- the childishly amusing "maaaaycho" of which I have social networked under for six years -- has been an interesting experience. I began my first blog under that pseudonym, a chucklesome effort from a benign tween when "maycho" and "maaycho" and "maaaycho" were all claimed by strangers I exasperatedly hollered at.

Four As it was, and four As I was. It became an identity the consistency of fluff, but I stuck to it because attachments form when initiative is diminished and comfort looms large.

Switching it up to a word played by my eternal love affair with the English Language, a word for which I have created a world to live in for more than eight months, means taking up an identity and expelling the tween. I still get uncomfortable not seeing the familiar, cheeky handle I can fall back on anytime and, for awhile, I contemplated whether I did the right thing. Just a little while.

And then it dawned on me -- that I've finally found the boombox for my voice -- a voice not many people will take interest to and not many people will appreciate and not many people will understand, but a voice that bursts because it's been buried deep down for the longest time -- in the form of The Mayden, a curious, faceless writer whose body I take host in, but also a voyaging library of knickknacks for which I curate.

I am The Mayden, and I am here to stay.

I have removed the "dot blogspot" -- the banally irksome support extension the source of scoffs and snickers -- but not much will change. I will be writing in the same voice I always have and style posts will still be the backbone of The Mayden, but I will be branching out. The four walls I have constrained myself in for the past eight months shall be demolished as I extend forth my territory into more lifestyle posts as well as collaborations.

This I do so with cushioned assurance derived from the subtle (or so I hope) ventures I have made in December of the previous year; writing my first lifestyle and outfit post founded on a cafe review; sharpening my storytelling skills by documenting an interview with an inspirational lady; and, opening The Mayden up to collaborations with the feature of a peer blogger.

The Mayden will also be expanding into business, though I shall tread carefully in these waters and let the current in in small ripples. This was one of the more difficult decisions I had to make when planning the domain switch because for the entire duration I have had this blog, my posts have always been driven by passion and blogging was considered a hobby. It's important for me to clarify, though, that just because I will be expanding into monetizing does not mean that I shall deviate from what makes The Mayden what it is to me and to the readers of the blog. More information about this will be rolled out in due time.

It's a new year, I've got a (semi-)new identity and I'm dead-set on new beginnings. I'm terrified for what's to come but excited for the most part. Come along as this ship sets sail on its maiden voyage.

Happy New Year! How are you embracing 2016?



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