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Brunei Blogger May Cho

If style were a knight and comfort were a warrior, rivals in a civil war, their battle would be the never ending turmoil that I bear witness to. Being one whose feet platform heels cling to, it would only be the honest truth if I declare myself one whose sartorial preference swings towards "style" leaving the other end of the spectrum rather barren and abandoned.

There are days, however, when exhaustion sets in, procrastination docks and all thoughts about constructing an aesthetically pleasing outfit jump off the ship. These are days where my perpetual love for shades of grays and blacks and whites get to bail me out. Who says that darkness don't make good lovers?

I digress.

Brunei Blogger May Cho
Brunei Blogger May Cho

Having thrifted my first ever pair of joggers a week or so ago, I have been finding every reason to go out wearing these might-as-well-be PJ bottoms. Pairing them this time around with a crop top and a pair of beaten up trainers, both of which hold the hands of monochrome, I think I've done a pretty good job of balancing out style and comfort, but just to go the extra mile, I put on my favourite black beanie and threw on a gray lapel coat*.

At this point, I may have maxed out my comfort points though a question lingers just nearby as the perpetual summer sun pricks at my sweat glands and humidity chokes like a hard-knuckled hand. I question my decision to pick out a coat when Romwe approached me, then realized that my affinity for anything seasonally-inappropriate has been a long-time curse.

Brunei Blogger May Cho
Brunei Blogger May Cho

The coat arrived in a neat, vacuumed package that, once opened, emitted an odd smell, of which I later pinpointed to be the smell of freshly manufactured clothing. Coming from an online store based in China, I did not have high expectations for my package once I placed my order. 

This was justified when I sliced open my parcel. With reference to the image on Romwe's website, one will immediately notice that the piece does not look as it is advertised, with the piping of the item being the dead giveaway. The pocket of the item is completely non-functional, a fact that the pocket-lover in me felt annoyed by. Falling to only the end of my bum, I was slightly disappointed with the length of the piece, too.

It was quite obvious that the thickness of the coat won't do any of the seasonal dwellers any good. As someone who lives in an equatorial country, though, I was extremely grateful that the piece, while insulating, does not boil me alive when I wear it out. Its pleasing, shapeless silhouette, an instant welcome for anyone who dresses for comfort and effortless style, coupled with this fact mollified the aforementioned, expected qualities of the coat.

Brunei Blogger May Cho
Brunei Blogger May Cho

University classes have started this week and I cannot be more excited. My hugest dilemma, right now, though is whether to dress for comfort or for style. Having been brought up in the Asian culture, the ordeal of dressing up for school has never reached me as I was dressed in a school uniform for the past 13 years as a student.

Help a girl out and tell me, how did you use to or how do you dress for university? Are you a comfort or a style person?




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