Burning Gold

Brunei Fashion Blogger May Cho THEMAYDEN model Christmas festive

I am scarlet, I am gold, I am a kindled inferno.

I bid farewell to ebony as the burning hues of triumph blazons me in hell-bent fury, a cri de coeur to the trail I have set aflame as the sand trickles dry.

I am ignited, I am ablaze, I am burning gold.

Day 355

Brunei Blogger May Cho of The Mayden | reflection of 2015 red sweater choies

It is eleven on the morning of day three hundred and fifty five.

I stir in my cell, the bright-eyed, keen and utopian soul of a child rests soundly beside my body. She passed away when eighteen arrived and destroyed, when eighteen crushed the rose-tinted glasses and carried, like the slippery whisper of a final breath, the soft calm away.

I stare at four walls and count the things I have lost, the things that perished when the child was taken.

Meet: Phoebe Chok

Bruneian Model Phoebe Chok interviewed by Brunei Blogger May Cho on The Mayden

A passion-driven part-time model, a Game of Thrones addict and an ambition lit in uproarious flames, Phoebe Chok is not your regular 21-year old.

I walk into the dainty little cafe by a new block of buildings up Eastern Bandar and out of the rain, the aftershocks of the typhoon that had crushed in to the Philippines. I see Phoebe already seated at a table having placed her order for a vegetable panini -- "Perfect," she later bellows of the dish.

Blond hair bunned up on top of her head wearing a crop top, mochromatic culottes and a cardigan, she declares loudly, "It's so hot today! Don't you find it hot?"

I laugh. She lets her black cardigan hang loose around her elbows, stood up and gave me a hug. On her feet were a pair of white five-inch platform heels, bringing her height to six feet and no less.

6:06 PM

Brunei Fashion Blogger May Cho of THEMAYDEN in a grid shift dress and pink cardigan

I never quite knew what one meant when one claims to be chasing the sun. 

That was -- until my mother and I had to bound after an orange orb of flames drifting amidst a canvas of fading blue to capture a few frames of a grid shift dress on a twilit Sunday, a digital clock blinking tauntingly at us in our vehicular hindrance: 6:06 PM.

NER | DEE Café

goth ootn boho black distressed
ner dee cafe regent square

Donned in black as a trio, my mother, sister and I entered a café in a new and upcoming buzz spot in town to bursts of laughter, clinks of glassware and the breathing sounds of cards being shuffled, dice being thrown, blocks tumbling down.

"Welcome to Ner | Dee Café!" A counter of smiling employees greeted us.

Monochrome Mustard

Brunei Fashion Blogger May Cho wearing all black, statement necklace, mustard beanie


 I'm right there with you, child of woe, sacred sartorial speaker for all.

While my predisposition to shroud myself in Black prevails, pops of bright colours such as red and orange have been creeping their way into my outfits in recent weeks. Mustard is the mischief that splashes my canvas with colour this time round.

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