Wearrior Instinct: Sleek Chic

Four stylish friends, a style blog and an intelligent word play in their branding; what more can one who is enthusiastic in style blogs ask for? 

Having had in mind to use The Mayden as a platform for collaboration, I'm excited to introduce one of my favourite locally bred blogs, Wearrior Instinct, to guest post. Writing on behalf of the team of four is UK-based Alia Akaff with a look so sleek and chic,it makes my knees go weak.

wearrior instinct autumn winter oversized coat high neck crop top beige black dark vampy revlon black cherry h&m ASOS Zara

Hi everyone!

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Alia, a fellow Bruneian fashion blogger over at Wearrior Instinct. I have only been blogging about my personal style for less than a year but my interest to document my style has always been there. When May reached out to us to do a guest post on The Mayden, we felt so honoured and happy that she has chosen us for this opportunity.

The seasons have changed and so has my style. With previously blogged about looks that were more on the grungy side, I recently have overhauled the way I dress and have transitioned into a style that looks a little more minimalistic chic. When I first started out at Wearrior Instinct, I debuted an outfit post titled "The Girl In Black" as I have a reputation of having a lack of colour within my wardrobe. This post will carry on with that reputation and will be showcasing an outfit that I have been loving this season.


Brunei Blogger May Cho of THEMAYDEN, Parisian, Stripes, Bowler Hat

Red lips, stripes and black and white. You know what's up; it's Parisian-inspired from head to toe. 

Hesitance bubbled and brewed as I took these photos; was I sure I wanted to post these photos, both of horrendous aesthetic (completely my fault) and of touchy connotations? I cowered as I decided to publish a later-planned post instead but still I had a sort of desire to address the tragedies that struck nations a mere week ago.

3 Hairstyles for Hats

Brunei Blogger May Cho | three 3 hairstyles hair styles hats beanie bowler bornpretty born pretty store

Yes, the angels shall sing as I finally put on a hat that isn't a beanie!

Courtesy of Born Pretty, I was sent this adorable bowler hat* for my inner blackhat desires headwear-loving pleasure alongside three other items, of which two I'm wearing in this post: a plaid bow tie* and a dark purple lipstick*. In-depth review for those to come soon, but let's focus on the hat in this one.

With my new found treasure, I've decided to show you some of my favourite ways to wear my hair with a hat plopped on my head.


I am blue today, blue like the sky, blue like the ocean, blue like the encapsulating sense of freedom that horizons and clouds of puff bring. Standing on cushiony sand looking out onto the horizon, there is liberation in the heart of this castaway, chains breaking and snapping, thorns peeling and dying.

I had boarded the ship a soul weighed down by debts and loath, but lightning sent piercing down from the heavens as bullets of rain hurled down in hails have destroyed the poundage and wrecked my vessel of imprisonment. 

Now, there is light. Now, there is colour. Now, there is relief.

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