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In the wake of a soul drifted sound, I am hurled into a limbo of confusion, raven finally wrapping its arms around me not because I will it to, but because there is no other choice. 

Ten minutes within which I learnt of a pulse line gone x -- within which the white noise had left the high C deafening, a line dead piercing my eardrums -- I had flung myself across the mindful universe and orbited twice the speed of light, past stars glittering at eyes dimmed, to plunge back to the pebbled cobbled rubble as empty as I had begun.

Denimic Duo

Brunei Blogger May Cho of The Mayden in double denim

A puny pun to start off the post; how fantastic! Seeing double denim looks all over the blogosphere for the entire summer and not seeing a pun spun on the denims donned had me slightly frustrated, so I actually went and did a denim on denim look for the sake of it. Being three months late, obviously.

The Third Piece

Brunei Blogger May Cho

A treat is in three, like ice cold tea or a dip in the sea or a shopping spree. The trinity, the triad, the trio -- three; they roll off the tongue like sugared up plums, so sweet, so full, so right -- I mean ripe. List of threes: three in words, three before inertia, three in tune. A waltz, a spring, a little life that dances on tiptoes, that is three.

If there is a fashion 'rule' I follow religiously, the third piece rule would be it. Seen most pronounced in my lazy day outfits -- black and white and a little bit of colour -- the basic three piece look is hard to miswear, if ever there is such a thing as miswearing clothes.

Knit You Now with Dressgal

Brunei Blogger May Cho, The Mayden, Dressgal, knitted hats

"Beanies are only for fall."

Oh, how void that statement is, like the 'k' in 'knit' and the kiss of a lover who murders with treachery. But, just as sure as the tongue glides over 'o' in 'autumn' and a forlorn tear runs down a melancholy eye, autumn is for knit and hats and knitted hats.

September Suit Up

I have done variations of the suit so many times, it's starting to get predictable. But originality is out the window this time, because, whether it be for a glammed up casual look or a chic office getup, the blazer wins. Every time.

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