Childhood Sweater

Brunei Fashion Blogger May Cho of THEMAYDEN

She is a time traveller. Put on a childhood sweater and hang her hair in braids, and she can see every spill of stubborn oatmeal tantrums as though it were more real than the blood running through her veins. If she could, she'd stay there forever.

Meet: Eden Chiam

Eden Chiam

She's a budding sunflower, Eden Chiam. An actress, a singer, a dancer, a model and a fellow cat lover, this fourteen year old dreamer, elegance embodied, has an instant charm, a pretty kickass sense of style, and big dreams, and she won't stop 'till she achieves them.

Meet: Shian Li Chiam

Brunei Blogger May Cho interviews Shian Li Chiam
"I want to be very unique.
I want to push boundaries.
I want to stand out."

At just under 5 feet 4 and 16 years of age, Shian Li Chiam is all about making a statement and standing proud in the crowd. With a spotlight constantly on her and a natural gravitation towards sequins and sparkles and anything that's flashy, she's a fearless little fashionista, unafraid to be bold.

Beaded Boho

Brunei Blogger May Cho of The Mayden | beaded boho, little white dress, lwd, ankle boots, necklace, headband, boho, minimal, red lips

Clinging onto her is a delicate white, a false hue saturated with pristine elegance. It is the colour of grace, of delicacy, of vulnerability. A beaded heaviness clasped at her neck, willing to toughen the stifling tenderness. She is vulnerability too intricate to fathom, an iron-coated glass mistaken as a tipping porcelain cup.

Meet: Jennifer Prince

Brunei Blogger May Cho interviews Jennifer Prince

"Don't. Follow. Rules. When it comes to fashion. 
Break them
Make your own style. 
Make your own statement. 
Just be comfortable with yourself."

And that's what Jennifer Prince is all about; a sense of peace and comfort within oneself despite rebelling heavily against a set of socially accepted rules. Arms wide open in the pursuit of positivism, she stands firm in the glare of class and sophistication, a rooter for staying true to one's own style.

Cobalt Poise

Brunei blogger May Cho THEMAYDEN Cobalt Blue Empire Hotel

She is the cynosure in the marbled halls, the axis aligning all eyes. A sweep of her hem, billowing dauntlessly behind her -- whoosh -- and she is set alight in cobalt poise. Like the slow burning candle in a stale, somber room, she radiates.

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