Blue Blood

Brunei Blogger May Cho with Eden Chiam, Shian Li Chiam and Jennifer Prince at The Empire Hotel wearing Cobalt Blue
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Brunei Bloger and Writer May Cho
A few days ago, I read a friend's post about how conforming to society can drastically change one's individuality. For years now, I've been a firm believer that whenever society changes you, it's wrong, or whenever you change for society, you're wrong. It's only when I started pondering about this idea more while sitting on my couch, cat in my lap, KOAN sound in my ears while reading the post that I developed a whole new perspective on it.

La'Bell's Makeup Must-Haves For Summer

You can't tell, but I'm shaking in excitement as I type this out. This is the first ever guest post on my blog and I'm beyond excited to feature La'Bell from La'Bell Wong. La'Bell is a beautiful Brunei-based blogger (holla to Bruneian bloggers!) and she writes about everything from lifestyle to books. She's got a really charming writing voice so y'all should definitely check her blog out.

I stumbled across her blog through a mutual acquaintance and knew that I had to feature her on The Mayden; I was in love with her blog. I extended an invitation to write a guest post and was elated when she said yes. So today, she'll sharing her makeup must-haves for summer!

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