Day 355

Brunei Blogger May Cho of The Mayden | reflection of 2015 red sweater choies

It is eleven on the morning of day three hundred and fifty five.

I stir in my cell, the bright-eyed, keen and utopian soul of a child rests soundly beside my body. She passed away when eighteen arrived and destroyed, when eighteen crushed the rose-tinted glasses and carried, like the slippery whisper of a final breath, the soft calm away.

I stare at four walls and count the things I have lost, the things that perished when the child was taken.

6:06 PM

Brunei Fashion Blogger May Cho of THEMAYDEN in a grid shift dress and pink cardigan

I never quite knew what one meant when one claims to be chasing the sun. 

That was -- until my mother and I had to bound after an orange orb of flames drifting amidst a canvas of fading blue to capture a few frames of a grid shift dress on a twilit Sunday, a digital clock blinking tauntingly at us in our vehicular hindrance: 6:06 PM.

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