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It dawned upon me this morning that having been blogging for five months now, I have yet to properly introduce myself. But more importantly, it also hit me like a huge punch in the face that, for every milestone this blog achieves, I have never properly thanked the readers -- you.

Achieving 350 and long overdue, here's a little thank you post for sticking around my jumbled up blog in the form of my condensed history, spinkles of facts coming your way.

Let's Meet The Mayden.


1. I used to legitimately believe I was a fairy waiting to sprout wings. I would check for wings in the mirror every morning the first thing I woke up.

2. And then I legitimately believed I was a budding mermaid. Near-drowning experiences were extremely common in my childhood every time I was brought to the swimming pool.

3. And when none of those turned out to be true, I genuinely believed I was an adopted child. Anything to make my story much more epic, right?

4. And when that turned out to be a figment of my hyperactive imagination (I saw my birth certificate), I turned to fiction at the age of 11 and developed a love for reading.

5. Harry Potter was not my childhood, as much as I'd like it to be. High School Musical was. I still know all the lyrics to all three movies and can quote you all three movies back to front. Sound effects included. 

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6. Enid Blyton was the first writer I ever read and own. I have read all of her short story collections and The Five Find Outers and The Dog series too many times to count.

7. Dreaming of my Hogwarts letters came at the age of 13 when I finally picked up a Harry Potter novel in eighth grade.

8. My first crush had a crush on my then best friend (sixth grade heartbreak.) My second crush was my then best friend's boyfriend. My third crush had a crush on my sister. Ah, love. How dismal.

9. I played the piano at 10. Hated it. Picked up the violin at 12 and have been playing ever since.

10. I was a spelling bee champion in sixth grade, an awarded netball player in seventh and a failed novelist in eighth. I still have the manuscript. It's embarrassing (The antagonist's name is Corazon.)

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PART 3: TEEN YEARS [aka stereotypical Asian alert]

11. President of The Book Club and Vice President of the English Society, Captain of the Debate Team. My years in school were so exciting.

12. Introverted by nature, I didn't have much friends and spent most of my time in the library either reading or studying. There was no in between.

13. I flew for the first time at the age of 14. It was for a family trip to KL/Singapore. That remains the only time I've ever flown.

14. At this point, my definition of dressing up was a band T-shirt, jeans and hair combed back. My style was abysmal.

15. I was (and still am) a gamer. MMORPGs, racing games, shooting games, all of them filled my time when I was not buried in books. The bloodier the better.

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16. Apparently, my sense of style was garnered overnight. This happened back in December last year. I have a feeling that the first pair of platform boots I bought is the catalyst.

17. Coffee and cats forever.

18. I am an avid advocate for animal rights. As much as I'd like to call myself an activist, the most I've done is turn vegetarian, and even so, that failed after a measly 12 months.

19. My sister and I, to this day, have a tradition of watching High School Musical films together and critiquing the exact same things every time. We laugh no matter what.

20. Next to books and music, movies are my passion. Film noir and psychological thrillers, yes please. Might explain why I'm always exhausted. Donnie Darko and Se7en are not exactly relaxing films, are they?

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And there we go, 20 facts about me which I hope will allow you to get to know me better. Being someone who writes and writes mercilessly, it seems as if a barrier blossoming between the reader and I is inevitable. 

I'm hoping that this post will at least weaken the distance between you and I, because, from the depths of my heart, I want to thank you for reading this weird ass blog, with weird ass editing and weird ass poses and a weird ass face polluting the pixels on your screen.

Thank you, and cheers.



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