Just when you thought the series is over, here I am, back with outtakes reminding y'all that we shot a pretty kickass series of photos. Also, we're actually really friendly and happy people.

Some of you may remember that, in the original Blue Blood post, I mentioned "two little entourages" that tagged along. Meet one of them (modelling better than all of us combined):

He Who Will Make Tyra Proud is actually Shian Li and Eden's younger brother, Evan. Spend a minute with him and you'll experience the ultimate energy of spontaneity. He talks about cats every other sentence, inserts a fourth octave ad lib melisma in every phrase and basically emulates Miranda Sings' accent.

I couldn't resist the urge to insert wisecracks (read: meager jokes) into some of the photos, so enjoy my 
(genius) wit:

Also, to all of you sweet people telling me I'm pretty and all that, I raise you this:

How I look like 90% of the time. I cracked up when I saw this photo and have since been asking people to caption the heck out of it so I can pick the funniest one. None has reached the standard yet SO START CAPTIONING; I'd love to have a good laugh (not that this photo isn't enough to generate minutes of giggles)!


I apologize if I haven't been active in the blogosphere for the past week (hence the post drought). After realising how much of a burden I carry with living in the now, I've taken a short break away from social media to really discover how to live life as a normal teenager again. It's been a wonderful little break; I caught up on sleep, played the violin again after having left it to dust in the corner for a while and spent time with my sister, friends and real, living people.

I have discovered that, in the whirlwind of starting this blog and working ridiculously hard on it, I have been intent on creating the picture perfect life for everyone to see online. The past four months on the web has drowned me in the flesh. I've never once showed the process of taking the photos that I do, the horrendous faces I pull most of the time, the awkward poses I do, and it's because I've been so afraid of showing vulnerability. I was afraid that, if people saw me for what I really am -- human, an imperfect, afraid and insecure human being -- they'd stop visiting. On hindsight, it's a reasoning too ridiculous for me to even understand, too, but the fear was real.

And in this fear, I lived a life of meticulous photo choosing and pedantic post-editing, and I grew increasingly exhausted. This isn't me. Not really. I'm not elegant, not chic, not cool. I'm clunky. I'm clumsy. I'm also an eyesore most of the time, but you know what? I'm okay with it. 

So here's me in all my natural glory: a human being, very much the definition of imperfect. Also, despite my serious posts, I can actually be funny, amiright (ornot)?

Anyway, I'm back. This is the official wrap up of the Style Spotlight series! I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed shooting and writing for it.

I'll be posting weekly again, though I'm unsure whether I'll stick to my usual schedule of Tuesdays and Saturdays. I'm also thinking of expanding the content on this blog to include lifestyle posts. Would you guys be interested? Do let me know!



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