Meet: Eden Chiam

Eden Chiam

She's a budding sunflower, Eden Chiam. An actress, a singer, a dancer, a model and a fellow cat lover, this fourteen year old dreamer, elegance embodied, has an instant charm, a pretty kickass sense of style, and big dreams, and she won't stop 'till she achieves them.

Eden Chiam

It's seven in the evening and I am sitting on the floor across of Eden. She is nursing a sore voice, a vocal box exhausted from an eight hour practice session she had earlier. Having been training for a regional competition, the eyebags under her eyes and her slightly hunched posture tells of her tiredness. Despite this, she smiles at me, eagerly awaiting my first question.

At fourteen, Eden is the youngest amongst the group of interviewees, but that has not restricted her from experiencing the exhilarating thrills of life as a performer of the arts. Reknowned for her powerful singing voice, a slight raspy husk to her crystal clear, immaculate techniques, she has sung her way to LA, the Philippines, Malaysia and most recently, Hong Kong. It's incredibly odd as well as inspiring to see such a young singer on international platforms.

Eden Chiam

"My goals are to hit the Hollywood area," she tells me, a grin on her face, one that suffuses the room with clouds of dreams, "That's my ultimate goal; I want to act there, I want to model there, I want to sing there."

Ambitious cannot even begin to describe Eden's aspirations and one will find it incredibly difficult to expel the desire to dig out the child underneath this dreamer, but upon closer inspection, hints of this girl's youth will be impossible to miss. Take her style for example; having only spent a short amount of time on this earth exploring style, she's still finding her way.

"I think it's pretty varied," she tells me in response to my prodding on her style, "It just goes with my mood."

Eden Chiam

One thing, however, that's been consistent within her evolving style is what people perceive of it. She says, a quizzical look, almost one of disbelief, gracing her unorthodox features, "I do style my clothes and people say I'm very elegant." Here, she laughs energetically, a spark behind her nearly closed eyes, her back hunching, a gurgle of a roar bubbling in her throat.

But what she says is hardly a joke. Perhaps she may find it hard to believe, but with her decade-long experience in ballet and natural grace in front of the camera, it's no wonder she is perceived as elegant.

"I started when I was three," she says, adding, "When I go out, sometimes, in a bun, just casually, sometimes people just go like, "Oh, you already look like a ballerina," even though I'm just going out to have food. And they still think I'm a ballerina anyways. I don't know, people just keep saying they can see me as a ballerina already even if I'm not doing it."

Eden Chiam

Perhaps her meticulously trained elegance is the reason for her composure in front of the camera, but whether this is true or not, Eden doesn't care, because she loves when the lens is pointing her way, "I enjoy modelling and I love being in front of the camera. It feels like my home," she chides with a little giggle, scrunching up her nose as she does so.

This may ring a bell for some, because her sister, who was previously featured, shares the same passion of modelling. 

"Shian Li Chiam is my sister," she says, her lips curling slightly when she says so. 

Eden Chiam

Anyone with an older female in their life whom they look up to will know full well how one's style may be heavily influenced by this other person. Sisters inspiring sisters, mothers inspiring daughter, the combination is endless, and it's no different for the Chiam sisters.

"As the little sister, I look up to the way she styles things," she then mentions the crossing paths of their lives on the stage, "I realize that when we go on stage, we tend to like shinier things and bolder colors, with gold, silver so that really changed my way of, my style and how to style clothes with different colours and patterns and everything."

Eden Chiam

One thing that may be instantly noticeable to anyone who meets the two is that they have drastically different body types, a fact acknowledged by both sisters.

"Our body figures are quite different," she affirms, "Our image is quite different, too."

Here, she explains to me that while both of them are generally musicians, her sister is more of a classically trained musician despite dabbling into the contemporary scene, she's viewed more as the performing arts one, the one who acts and sings and dances on stage. Asked whether the stage has influenced her style at all, she responds with a similar answer to that of her sister's; that it makes one desire to be noticeable.

However, she tells me that, while, "Of course being on stage, you always want to stand out, the real point of clothes on stage is to support the show you're putting on." 

She is a huge fan of the way a performer carries the piece they are playing, or the dance they are dancing or a song they are singing, citing several influences excitedly, such as Celine Dion and "the way she is on stage," Ariana Grande's "impressive range" as well as Beyonce's stage presence.

Eden Chiam

While most of our talk covered the stage, Eden's face lights up immediately when we start talking about casual clothes, comfy clothes, lounging clothes.

"We buy things for performances a lot," she explains, "so sometimes my casual, people say it's really really formal, and so I really admire casual clothes."

She chatters excitedly about festival-type clothes, summer dresses, pastel colours, sunglasses. But while this girl's all up for the casual scene, I know that she's destined for far greater glamour, and with her dream-it-do-it attitude, she'll soon be singing her way to the stages across Hollywood.

As she says, "It's a dream, y'know? And I will desire it and I will pursue it."

Just when you thought 16 was young, I give you guys a 14 year old, ha. But this wraps up the entire Style Spotlight series! I had so much fun interviewing and shooting with these girls and I hope that they have inspired or sparked some of your thoughts in any way at all.

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