La'Bell's Makeup Must-Haves For Summer

You can't tell, but I'm shaking in excitement as I type this out. This is the first ever guest post on my blog and I'm beyond excited to feature La'Bell from La'Bell Wong. La'Bell is a beautiful Brunei-based blogger (holla to Bruneian bloggers!) and she writes about everything from lifestyle to books. She's got a really charming writing voice so y'all should definitely check her blog out.

I stumbled across her blog through a mutual acquaintance and knew that I had to feature her on The Mayden; I was in love with her blog. I extended an invitation to write a guest post and was elated when she said yes. So today, she'll sharing her makeup must-haves for summer!

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Hello lovelies! Since summer is just around the corner all around the world, I thought it'd be fitting to do my top 5 makeup picks for the hot weather. I don't usually like to wear makeup when it's super hot outside (I always feel like they would melt right off my face!), but on the days where I do, I like to make sure that the products I use are absolutely sweat-proof and humid-proof.

nars radiant creamy concealer summer must have

On days when the heat is intolerable, I'd recommend skipping foundation and only applying concealers on your problem areas. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is my favourite concealer for coverage and longevity. Like the name suggests, it has a creamy consistency, making it extra easy to blend. It has a nice satin finish and looks absolutely flawless on my skin.

La'Bell Wong writes about her makeup must-haves for summer on Brunei Blogger May Cho's The Mayden

Coral blushes are especially popular during the hot seasons, and this Chanel Blush Duo Tweet Effect in 80 Tweet Rose PĂȘche is a gorgeous shade of sheer orange. I usually tend to gravitate towards the pinker shades, but I tried this one on and was pleasantly surprised at how good it looks on my cheeks. It's sprinkled with gold pearly pigments, woven into the powder to add a subtle highlight along your cheekbones. 

urban decay naked palette naked1 naked one primer potion summer must have

The Urban Decay Naked Palette has been a holy grail of many beauty gurus ever since it was first launched years ago. I personally prefer the naked 1 palette over all the other ones, because I think the warmer colours look super flattering on olive (aka asian) skin tones. The eyeshadows are crazy pigmented and easy to blend. It also comes with a Primer Potion from Urban Decay, which is crucial for preventing your eyeshadows from creasing and smudging, especially in this scorching weather. The number of looks you can create with just one palette is endless!

kiss me liquid liner eyeliner felt summer must have cat wing

Liquid liners are one of the first makeup products I started off with. It adds a lot of definition to your eyes and make them seem twice as large. This one from Kiss Me is my favourite. It's relatively cheap, yet I think it's comparable to all the more expensive ones. It has a very fine and flexible tip, which makes drawing that smooth line so much easier. It's extremely waterproof and will not budge unless you remove it with a makeup remover.

dior addict gloss lipgloss lip summer must have bed of roses 576 pink shade

Summer is the season for fun and bright colours. The Dior Addict Gloss in 576 Bed of Roses is my favourite lip product at the moment. It's a beautiful shade of bright pink, perfect for that pop of colour on your face. It's not sticky and has a gorgeous glossy finish which I really love. It's pigmented enough to be worn on its own, but will look just as good when layered on top of a lipstick. The sleek packaging for the gloss is just an added bonus!

That's all for today. Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post. Thank you for reading!


So there you go! 5 makeup must-haves for summer. I'm not a huge makeup user, but even I'm itching to get my hands on these items for the hot, sunny days up ahead. If you liked this post and want more from La'Bell, you can check out her blog

What are your makeup must haves for summer? I'd love to know!

P.S I was also offered to write a post on La'Bell's blog and I obviously accepted, so check out my summer workout playlist on her blog!
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